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Ephraim Asili, American Hunger, 2013, 19 mins.

ISSUE:  Winter 2019

outside the viewer,
black                         outside a mention                  of orishas and speech 
about freeing                            We’ve ourselves as being
               definitively now (04:40)           but also are moving between 
an American street                                    images of women’s and men’s
                                                                       as they look at the
camera, the festival                                   We also                    again
                                                                                                         a passenger’s
There’s a feeling of voyeur                       or tourism as the
                                                                       document the lives of 
black     in those spaces—some laboring, others                    it is a life 
or moving still                        true to impulse.                          This is
also satisfied through our continual return to the voice of the Ghanaian leader
                                                                       and sometimes shyly smile 
             from a “Male Slave Dungeon,” which seems a
             monument or historic
                                                                      its current relation— 
                                                  the leader speaking and our
return to him                         the sounds of crowd 
cumulatively marks a kind of moment in another
                                                                      —the end
of another. This
                                                                      idea is complicated by the return to the
leisuring black couple whose plotless romance 
would seem to                          exceed the limits of 
bounded time.


Material in this poem is sourced from American Hunger.


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