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Aubade with Faultline & Broken Pipe

ISSUE:  Summer 2020


& when at night there is an earthquake 
& in the morning the upended gutter

flows out through the broken mouth of sidewalk
                                             & the freed stream splays & loosens

asphalt & Key Route grows impassable; when 
               this muddy torrent now recalls

the way in marches          we the people
                           do reroute the streets, I remember

               how the pressures exerted
by earth-force are continual & invisible,

               how eruptions      are instantiation.
               Bataille believed the sacred lies in interruption

the festival tent was unloosed & flapping 
after the hurricane

               what hurricane     what interruption

                                                in an epoch of pressure
unburied water claims its path

                                                a force acquires

a voice
            a valence
                                                also: It sings as it goes



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