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VQR Instapoetry Kicks Off Today

PUBLISHED: April 1, 2013

Fontanelle by Eleanor Stanford

As we announced in January, VQR is starting an Instapoetry series: brief poems of 14 lines or fewer, designed to be shared and distributed across social networks.

Follow us on any of the following sites to read the poems as they’re posted. (Expect about three poems per week to start.)

•  VQR on Facebook
•  VQR on Tumblr
•  VQR on Pinterest
•  VQR on Instagram
•  VQR on Twitter

We are thrilled to have Robert Brewer, editor of Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market—and published poet—as curator of the series. If you’d like to submit your work for consideration, click here to view the full set of guidelines.


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