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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Summer 1941

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, a “fine” edition beautifully decorated by Valenti Angelo (Heritage, $2.60 to tub’ seribers; $Jt to others). The Passionalf Pilgrim, the third (1(512) edition of thl( famous pseudo-Shakespearian miscellany made available in photographic facsimile| introduction by Hyder Rollins (Sority iters $4). The Letters of T. E. aft| rence, edited by David Garnett (Gardi% City $lJf0)} excellent binding and typoffi raphy; illustrated. Days of Our Yeartj hy Pierre van Paassen (Garden Ciljj $1.00), presented in a cellophane pacfej age. Mahan on Naval Warfare, seleoj tions from the writings of Rear AdmlroJ Mahan, edited by Allan Wescott (LitM Brown $2.60). Harold J. Laski’s iff erty and the Modern State, with a nei introduction by the author (Pelican I Collected Edition of Heywood Brom with a preface by Heywood Hale Broi (Harcourt $3.50). Msop’s Fables « presented in a new version written b] Munro Leaf, with illustrations by Robei Lawson. Leaf clothes the old morals a modern, but somewhat unbecoinlni dress (Heritage, $2.60 to subscribers; others fit).

A Selective List


Four items reflect the present renaissance of patriotism. The Literary History of the American Revolution hy Moses Coit Tyler (Barnes and Noble $12.50) is a facsimile reproduction of what Charles A. Heard has called a “real classic.” It contains an introduction by Randolph G. Adams and is in two volumes, handsomely bound in maroon buckram. We Hold These Truths, edited by Stuart Gerry lirown (Harper $1.50), is an anthology of documents pertaining to American democracy. The Patriotic Anthology contains many time-honored selections in prose and verse and has an introduction by Carl Van Dorcn (Double-day $3). The Constitution of the United Stales by James M. Heck (Doublcday $2.50) has been revised by James Trus-low Adams, who has also supplied additional material.


Illustrative of a return to the still further past are three translations from the Greek. The Basic Works of Aristotle nre edited by Richard McKcon and contain an introduction by him (Random $J/). Aristotle’s Art of Poetry is translated by W. Hamilton F’yfe, who has supplied an introduction and footnotes (Oxford $1.50). Plato’s Dialogues on the. Trial and Death of Socrates are translated, with an introduction and prefatory notes, by Lane Cooper in a volume pleasantly and substantially bound (Cornell $2).


A large number of modern plays are j>iit within easy reach of economical purchasers by the three following volumes: Nine. Plays, by Eugene O’Neill (Modern Library $1.25); Sixteen Famous American Plays (Garden City $1M) and Five Great Modern Irish Plays with an introduction by George Jean Nathan (Modern Library 06c).



Wickford Point, by John P. Murquanij (Sun Dial $1); Christ in Concrete, by Pietro di Donato (Grosset $1); After Many a Summer Dies the Swan, by Al* dons’ Huxley (Sun Dial $1); The ShoH Stories of James T. Farrell (Halcyo% $1.30); Madame llovary, by Gustave Flaubert (Grosset 50c) ;’The’Pretender, hy Lion Ecuchtwaiiger (Sun Dial $1) The. Captive, hy Marcel Proust (Modern Library 05c), translated by C. K. Scott Moncrieff; The Best Known Works o) Emile Zola, including “Nana,” “Germinal/’ “L’Assommoir,” and seven other novels (Blue Ribbon $1); The Silenct of Colonel Bramble, by Andre Maurois, with a new preface (Appleton-Century $2.50).



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