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Stopping at Muna

ISSUE:  Spring 1979
Strolling from the Square
of the little town
into the church just
for the hell of it
and to escape my life
I came across
some coals to Newcastle
that is, at the Mexican
altar, another child
offered up,
the priest blessing him,
the group of women
in their flour sacks,
time off from tortillas,
all pregnant, many
small ones round them.
It was good
to see people practicing
what they preach,
the priest blessing life
women having babies one
after another,
this one named Manuelo
and his eyes
which I sneaked up
to see were already
glowing like hot coals.
Bless the poor
for they are so
prolific and offer you
a deadpan gaze even
in their happiness and,
outside once more,
a dishpan full of grapefruit
for a quarter or a dime.


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