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Canadian fiction

Ellen Weinstein

The Dark

We were like Betty and Veronica in those comics we read endlessly—practically identical except for our hair. Andrea’s was dark and I was redheaded. Her skin tanned easily and I worried about sunburns, but we were the same height and our bodies we [...]


When Claire and I and her youngest child, baby Nedi, arrive at Lettieri Café in Yorkville, the singletons of our little therapy group—​Yves and Elena—​are already there. Only Claire and I are married; she has a big family and I don’t have mine yet. That’s mainly why I needed therapy in the first place.

An Appreciation of Alice Munro

  Before I present a book at a sales conference, I’ll slip quickly through it again, just to remember it all. By this point I’ll have read the book three, four times at least, maybe five times, but I just want to refresh my memory. And the d [...]