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“Writers on Writers” Free Online

PUBLISHED: November 12, 2007

CoverOur Fall 2006 “Writers on Writers” special issue is now available for free online, since we’ve sold out our print run. The issue features stunning cover art by Chris Ware and eleven stories by your favorite writers about your favorite writers. Joyce Carol Oates envisions a lonely, depressed Emily Dickenson robot, Elizabeth Gaffney considers the final thoughts of Edgar Allan Poe. There’s more from – and about – Brock Clarke, Mario Puzo, James P. Othmer, Henry James, Steve Almond, James Frey, and a bunch more. If you didn’t read this when it came out a year ago, now’s your chance.

01/07/08 Update: We found a couple of boxes of this issue tucked away in the corner of the office. So, hey, we’re not sold out after all. We’ll leave the issue free online anyway.

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