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Water Clock

ISSUE:  Fall 2009

The water clock makes into a measure
a flow so continuous none can say
this thing inside the river has a river’s

sense of time. The moment of the pour
knows no wheel, no ratchet, no rise of trays
the water clock makes into a measure

we live our lives inside and by. Sure,
there are times the pans that fall are days
we bring inside the river. Is a river’s

share of sunlight any less the water
for standing still, any less the race
the water clock makes into a measure.

This body, is it what I am or better,
what I have. So little time to chase
the things inside the river with a river’s

speed and thrash. As if leaving were
the comfort we have left, our meeting place
the water clock makes into a measure.
All things in the river become the river.


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