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ISSUE:  Fall 2007

it was the way
the wind
brushed your cheek
a warm hopeful wind
or how, leaning over, you straightened
my rebellious
perhaps because we read
the same poems
and you recited them in my back
it was easy for us to love one another
that month of August
when the air seemed to hold
a multitude of promises

you disappeared
my parents took me from the country
they murdered Matilde’s fiancé
and tortured the daughter of Rosario
who used to give us chocolates

perhaps we are no longer the same
there are no frequent visits and
we read the same letters over and over
and I imagine you liked to see me naked
fluttering over the water

you disappeared
and I returned to the same and yet another country
the warm August wind reclines
above my mouth
I repeat your name
the gust of wind is restless
you disappeared
I disappeared with you.

Translated by Roberta Gordenstein


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