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Irwin and Hockney’s Dispute Vessel

PUBLISHED: November 14, 2008

VQR contributing editor Lawrence Weschler writes for The Believer about the decades-long argument between Robert Irwin and David Hockney:

[F]or some twenty-five years now, whenever I have written about one or the other of these two giants of contemporary art (arguably the two most significant artists to come out of the late-twentieth-century California art milieu), the other one has called effectively to tell me, “Wrong, wrong, wrong.” The two have never met or conversed in person (straddling that Southern California scene like Schoenberg and Stravinsky before them, each seemingly oblivious to the other’s existence though in fact deeply seized by the work); instead they have been carrying on this quite vivid argument for over two decades, through me, as it were.

Weschler wrote about Robert Irwin’s latest work in our spring issue and David Hockney’s return to painting in our current issue.

Via Quiet Bubble)

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