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Footnote to the Future

ISSUE:  Summer 1997
The undertaker stops
his new car white and red.
The hitchhiker is the electrician
for the electric chair.
What is written here is the footnote
for what is to come next.
We always tend to label
the unknown, the events
dreams have not yet had time to yearn.
The darkness of possibilities

shoves the brilliant diamond of won’t sit still
across a piece of clear glass
and breaks it neatly.
The million windows are too many
to look through in a moment
no matter how many try.
We wait a long time.
Our eyes do not stop
to let years become one photograph.
So for the next event this footnote
is essential. How else
can we grasp the life unreached
but to look down to the page’s bottom
or find the book’s end.


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