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Nathan Whiting


Bright Sunlight

The words "bright sunlight" are not the same for single digit Fahrenheit New York as for Southern California where bright sunlight thrives when it's hazy. Long shadows shove people's motives, leafless tree tops sliced by rooflines. We wear the same [...]

This Year’s War Movie

Slow pedal notes drag the bottom out from past, petals left to freeze when winter comes late within dark. I face a rattlesnake and neither of us bite, like this year's war movie in better color than shown before. The message, peace, we misunderstand. [...]

Linked Near A Grasp

A husband and a wife have stepped onto a stage to argue. They've held their anger and explained to the designer the color of their moods. Light is there as they need it. One's pool is much brighter. One is closer, but closer to who? They slice air w [...]

After Seeing Her

The middle of the night has come very early. Eyes flame too fast through empty downtown. Benches in subway stations prop up human bags to barely return to Brooklyn. It is Sunday. No one appears to have prayed. In millions of apartments children stil [...]

Footnote to the Future

The undertaker stops his new car white and red. The hitchhiker is the electrician for the electric chair. What is written here is the footnote for what is to come next. We always tend to label the unknown, the events dreams have not yet had time to y [...]