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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Spring 1934

Demonic Possession” to the January number of the Quarterly. A new volume of essays by Mr. Eliot, “After Strange Gods,” is announced for Spring publication. Lawrence Lee has appeared frequently in the Virginia Quarterly; his most recent volume is “Tomorrow, Goodbye.” Conrad Aiken has also contributed verse to the Quarterly, as well as his memorable short story, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow,” which is included in a collection of his short stories to appear this Spring, “Among the Lost People.”

Donald Davidson, author of “The Sacred Harp in the Land of Eden,” has had a varied career as poet, critic, teacher, and editor of a literary book-page. As a poet, he was a founder of and contributor to The Fugitive, and author of “The Tall Men.” As a critic, he was one of the twelve authors of “I’ll Take My Stand,” and he has since been closely identified with the Southern Agrarian movement in literature. He is at present professor of English in Vanderbilt University.

The material used by Mary Frances Goodwin in “Three Eighteenth-Century Gardens” was gathered from England, Philadelphia, and Virginia, while she was engaged in research connected with the Williamsburg Restoration. Miss Goodwin writes that none of the Custis material used has been hitherto published, and that “a few of Bartram’s and perhaps one or more of Collinson’s” letters are here published for the first time. She asks the editors to acknowledge her indebtedness to Major Norman G. Brett-James, author of “The Life of Peter Collinson,” for information about Col-linson. Miss Goodwin is a native of Virginia, and is at present living in Mallorea.

“The Autum Voyage” is among the first of Edward Harris HetHjs short stories to be published in a magazine. Mr. Heth, who is twenty-four, is a native of Wisconsin, and was educated at the University of Wisconsin. His present home is Milwaukee.


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