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ISSUE:  Autumn 1984

If H is a house on fire,
flame is the merciless dance.
But the A next to it,

It is the A of water,
of pails and tears.
It is the A of quarrel.
Day and night have not yet

ended their disagreement
and neither have the A and
the belligerent T.
T must be a no if A is yes.

Or, they could be stillness
and breath
staring each other down.
And R next to them would not

call off its planned malice.
This is the R of war,
rage, and roar, on its way
to break up the dreams of E.

And the E of energy will
unleash three tongues,
its pitchfork, against the D.
D is not the D of dead.

It is the D of demon, knows
poison and power,
so that inside this word,
HATRED never freezes over.


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