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Autumn 1984

Autumn 1984

Volume 60, Number 4

  • Jay Silverman’s “Felix”
  • Richard Jones’s “William Golding: Genius and Sublime Silly-Billy”
  • Robert Schultz’s “Dispersions and Freedom: The Situation of Contemporary Poetry”
  • Norman A. Graebner’s “The Soviet-American Conflict: A Strange Phenomenon”
  • Stories by Jay Silverman, Richard Jones, Robert Schultz, and Norman A. Graebner
  • Poetry by Diane Ackerman, Kim Stafford, Martha Collins, and Sue Owen
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Autumn 1984

Table of Contents

Indian Languages

Thomas Jefferson Provides a List of Words So That Lewis & Clark May Record the Indian Languages But They Somehow Lose Their Notes After Returning Home Ask of all local inhabitants you meet their own peculiar names for these thi [...]



Author Profiles

Kim Stafford is the founding director of the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis & Clark College, where he began teaching in 1979.