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Noon in Barbour County

ISSUE:  Spring 1930

Heat has baked the sky pure blue,
And the earth a copper hue;
Silent piles of white clouds blow To the Gulf of Mexico;
And black buzzards slowly fly Down the vast deserted sky.
With the fiery thirst of June Burns the furnace of the noon;
And the day is bitter-sweet To the creatures of the heat.
Hidden in the dim green brake Coils the yellow rattlesnake;
And the black bass in the cool Feels the sunlight in his pool.
Brilliant creatures flit and turn,
Praising all the suns that burn,
Ciying where the cane brakes lean That the earth is sweet and green;
Passing like a bit of flame,
Calling God a splendid name,
Singing that he dreamed and spun All the wonders of the sun.


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