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Spring 1930

Spring 1930

Volume 6, Number 2

• Clarence E. Cason’s “Alabama Goes Industrial”
• Luc Durtain’s “Europe Sees America”
• Howard Mumford Jones’s “Is There a Southern Renaissance?”
• Robert Shafer’s “What Is Humanism?”
• Stories by Clarence E. Cason, Luc Durtain, Howard Mumford Jones, and Robert Shafer
• Poetry by Lawrence Lee, Frances M. Frost, and Wilbert Snow

[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1930

Table of Contents

What Is Humanism?

Humanism has become a word of increasing importance amongst intelligent people. It is not important because it denotes, as Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick hastily assumed in an article in the December Harper's, a new effort to eat one's cake and have it to [...]