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Louis Fischer


Italy in Perspective

Winter 1952 | Essays

  MICHELANGELO and Raphael, who worked in the sixteenth century, are regarded by Italians as "moderns."  That is a measure of the age of their country. Italy is a young nation inhabited by an ancient people. Collectively they remember the [...]

Should the United States Join an Alliance?

One of the most unfortunate ideas bred by this war is the idea that the United States should conclude an alliance with foreign powers. Clare Luce and Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York are among those who advocate an Anglo-American alliance. Earl B [...]

Europe: 1936

The regimes which lost the first World War were destroyed. In Germany, the monarchy collapsed. In Austria-Hungary, the monarchy fell and the state disintegrated. The Sultan passed into history and took the empire with him. Czarism died of the war dis [...]

The End of Enver Pasha

The relations between revolutionary Russia and revolutionary Turkey were conditioned by a personal rivalry between two of the Turkish leaders. The Bolsheviks adopted an extremely helpful and cordial attitude toward Kemal Pasha, and Kemal Pasha displa [...]

Soviet Russia and the Powers

ISoviet Russia stands with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. No single fact is more important in determining the underlying currents of Communism's foreign relations. Russia's policy towards her neighbors in the Asiatic continent is motivated [...]