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Edward Wagenknecht


Novelists on the Threshold

Dancing Saints. By Ann George Leslie. Doubleday, Doran and Company. $2.50. The Wind and the Rain. By Joyce Horner. Doubleday, Doran and Company. $2.00. Without Passport. By Joan Coons. The John Day Company. $2.75. Grand Crossing. By Alexander Saxton [...]

Washington Irving Today

The Life of Washington Irving. By Stanley T. Williams, New York: Oxford University Press. Two volumes. $15.00.Irving runs to 946 large pages and includes nearly four thousand notes. In his Introduction he seems to feel it necessary almost to apologiz [...]

The Dickens Pot Boils

The Life of Our Lord. By Charles Dickens. New York: Simon and Schuster. $1.75. Charles Dickens, His Life and Work. By Stephen Leacock. Garden City: Doubleday, Doran and Company, $3.00. David Copper field. Condensed by Robert Graves. Edited by Merrill [...]

Arnold Bennett

The Journal of Arnold Bennett, 1896-1910. New York: The Viking Press. $4.00. My Arnold Bennett. By Marguerite, his wife. New York: E). P. Dut-ton and Company. $2.75. Stroke of Luck and Dream of Destiny, An Unfinished Novel. By Arnold Bennett. Garden [...]

Early American

Fits-Greene Halleck, An Early Knickerbocker Wit and Poet. By Nelson Frederick Adkins. New Haven: Yale University Press. $5.00. Mrs. Sigour-ney, The Sweet Singer of Hartford. By Gordon S. Haight. New Haven: Yale University Press. $3.00. Mr. Adk [...]

Death and the Scholar

The Beginnings of Critical Realism in America. (Main Currents in American Thought, Volume III.) By Vernon Loui9 Parrington. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. $4.00. More than a generation ago, Daniel Chester French created his famous relief-w [...]

Biography and the Human Spirit

Thorns Killigmv, Cavalier Dramatist, 1612-1683. By Alfred Harbage. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. $3.00. Brawiy Wychcrlcy, Pirst Master of English Modern Comedy. By Willard Connely. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $3.00. Horace W [...]

Frank Norris in Retrospect

The Writings of Frank Norm. Volumes I-II. The Octopus. With a Foreword by Irvin S. Cobb. Volume III. Mix; Moran of the Lady Lctty. With Introductions by Kathleen Norris and Rupert Hughes. Volume IV. The Third Circle; A Deal in Wheat. With an Introdu [...]

Shakespeare From Several Angles

Keats's Shakespeare. By Caroline F. E. Spurgeon. London: Oxford University Press. $10.00. Shakespeare Improved. By Hazelton Spencer. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $5.00. Shakspere's Silences. By Alwin Thaler. Cambridge: Harvard University Pres [...]

Towards a Better Realism

The Village Doctor. By Sheila Kayc-Smith. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company, Inc. $2.50. Joseph and His Brethren, By H. W. Freeman. New York: Henry Holt and Company. $2.50. Taken together, Sheila Kaye-Smith's "The Village Doctor" and H. [...]

Of Henry James and Howells, 1925

William Dean Howells, a Study. By Oscar W. Firkins. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $4.00.The Pilgrimage of Henry James. By Van Wyck Brooks. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. $2.50.Neither Henry James nor Howells can yet be assigned to his p [...]

For Walter Scott

The Letters of Sir Walter Scott, 1787-1807. Edited by H. J. C. Grierson. London: Constable and Company. 18s. Sir Walter Scott. By John Buchan. New York: Coward-McCann. $3.75. The Waverley Pageant. Edited by Hugh Wal-pole. New York: Harper and Broth [...]


Howard Pyle: A Chronicle. By Charles D. Abbott. With an Introduction by N. C. Wyeth and Many Illustrations from Howard Pyle's Works. New York: Harper and Brothers. $5.00.The Knave of Hearts. By Louise Saunders. With Pictures by Maxfield Parrish. [...]

The Drama: Shakespeare to 2100 A.D.

Falstaff, and Other Shakespearean Topics. By Albert H. Tolman. New York: The Macmillan Company. $2.50.Keats and Shakespeare: a Study of Keats' Poetic Life from 1816 to 1820. By John Middleton Murry. London and New York: Oxford University Press. $4.75 [...]

Golden Days and Gray

Emerson and Others. By Van Wyck Brooks. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. $3.00. The Rebellious Puritan: Portrait of Mr. Hawthorne. By Lloyd Morris. New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Company. $4.00. The Golden Day: a Study in American Experien [...]

Psychography — The First Forty Years

Darwin and A Naturalist of Souls. By Gamaliel Bradford. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. Each, $3.50. I It is not strictly logical to couple Mr. Bradford's "Darwin" with his, "Naturalist of Souls." The latter, first pub [...]

Two Studies of Jesus

Jesus—A New Biography. By Shirley Jackson Case. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, $3.00. Jesus—Man of Genius, By J. Middleton Murry. New York: Harper and Brothers, $2.50. In the astonishing revival of interest in biography which i [...]

Dickens Himself

The Life of Charles Dickens. By John Forster. Edited and Annotated with an Introduction by J. W. T. Ley. New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc. $10.00. Charles Dickens, A Biography from New Sources. By Ralph Straus. New York: Cosmopolitan Book [...]

The Man Behind the Dictionary

I Because Noah Webster gave himself for almost thirty years to that most impersonal of all literary tasks, the preparation of a dictionary, it is easy to imagine that he was a retiring, self-effacing creature, well content to bury a vague and indefi [...]

Thomas Hardy: An Authorized Record

The Early Life of Thomas Hardy, 1840-1891. The Later Years of Thomas Hardy, 1892-1928. By Florence Emily Hardy. New York: The Macmillan Company. Each, $5.00. With the newly-published "Later Years of Thomas Hardy," Mrs. Hardy complet [...]