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Clarence E. Cason


The Southern Conscience

However the authentic Puritan may have suffered from the loose attribution of varied qualities to his nature, the popular connotations of the term "puritan conscience" remain clear enough for present purposes. In Mr. Glenway Westcott's &quo [...]

The Mississippi Imbroglio

What success the Americans will have in forcing their unripe standards upon the reluctant state of Mississippi, how long the battle will last, and what its consequences may reveal are subjects for exciting conjecture. For the state of Mississippi is [...]

That Southern Languor

More than philological interest attaches to the Southern use of the word 'evening' to denote all that part of the day which follows the noon hour. And by the same token the Southerner's universal word for the noon meal, which, in spite of urbanizatio [...]

Black Men Across America

The Negro in American Civilisation. By Charles S. Johnson and others. New York: Henry Holt and Company. $4.00. The Negro Peasant Turns Cityivard. By Louise Venable Kennedy. New York: Columbia University Press. $4.25. a Southern person, I have be [...]

Alabama Goes Industrial

Alabama is not like any of the other southern states. It has, however, until the immediate present, accepted its social and economic philosophy from its sister commonwealths in Dixie. Two facts combine to make Alabama the best place to view the march [...]

William Ellery Leonard

There he lounges, swinging one foot, on the porch railing of the University Club at Madison. . . . Leonard! (He would not like the exclamation point; but he always lives up to exclamation points.) It is my first day at Madison, w [...]