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Graham Aldis


Taking Stock of the Cities

Urban Land Uses. By Harland Bartholomew. Volume IV, Harvard City Planning Studies. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. $3.50. The Rebuilding of Blighted Areas: A Study of the Neighborhood Unit in Rcplanning and Plot Assemblage. By Clarence Arthur P [...]

Facts and Foreign Affairs

Survey of International Affairs, 1927. By Arnold J. Toynbee. Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. New York: Oxford University Press, $8.50. American Foreign Relations, 1928. American Foreign Relations, 1929. By [...]

Kellogg. Cruisers and Sanity

The public opinion in America which concerns itself with the promotion of peace is extraordinarily short-sighted and short-memoried. At the moment it is utterly engrossed, completely sold, and passionately enthusiastic over the Kellogg Treaty. Now I [...]

Economy and the National Budget

The public at large is moderately interested in the results of government but the mere mechanism appears to be of concern only to the professors and the professionals of political science. The seemingly dry, confined and statistical activities of the [...]