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In the Office of Temporary Assistance

ISSUE:  Fall 2009

Did you know? You have the right to receive food stamps within a few days if you are eligible and have little or no money. Do any of these apply to you? Pregnant? Need to establish paternity? Need child support? Drug/alcohol problem? Fuel or utility shutoff? No place to stay/homeless? No food? No job? Recently lost income? Pending eviction? You have the right to receive an application when you ask for it. Did you know? When was the last time you or anyone who lives with you worked? Are you participating in a strike? Did you know? You can get WIC even if you are not a legal resident. What type of work would you like to do? Could you accept a job today? Are you a felon, fleeing to avoid prosecution, in violation of parole? Do you live in section 8 or other subsidized housing? Do you live in a drug or alcohol rehab facility? Did you know? We must accept your application if, at minimum, it contains your name, address (if you have one) and signature. How long have you lived at your present address? Is this a shelter? These programs are meant to assist you only until you can fully support yourself and your family. Did you know? If total expenses exceed income, explore how the household is meeting its obligations. Do you or anyone who lives with you have cash on hand? Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds? An IRA, Keogh, 401(k)? A safe deposit box? Life insurance? A burial fund? A burial space? Are you blind, disabled, or pregnant? Black, white, unknown? Are you a victim of domestic violence? Did you know? If so, when did you know it?


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