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Abe Kriegel


Can You Prove It Didn’t Happen?

Whatever happened to matter in motion? Who ran off with the Newtonian World Machine? I know that rationalism has had its day, the Age of Reason is no more. Perhaps it never was. And if God did let Newton discover the mystery of "Nature and Nature's [...]

Up for Grabs

A child of immigrants, I like to think that the muddled English of my parents' generation was an exercise in patriotism, its imprecision testimony to democracy's premise that one man's opinion is as good as another's. Take prepositions, for example [...]

A Prayer for My Daughter

Dear Lara, Perhaps delusions of grandeur inspire me to appropriate Yeats's title. Admittedly, the correspondence is hardly precise. You are not an infant and I, needless to add, am not a poet. Nevertheless, I have certain concerns as a father that [...]