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Albert Guerard


Frontiers of the Soviet World

It has long been my conviction that Europe is one, and I contend that no scheme short of a full European Union will avail to restore peace. If we admit as a working hypothesis that there is a Europe, united by two thousand years of common history, an [...]

American Morale: The First Year

Morale is the determination that arises from intensity of vision and singleness of purpose." Measured by this standard, our morale, on the eve of Pearl Harbor, could not be accounted very high. We were divided in our counsels, and uncertain of o [...]

Toward American Morale

Morale means, not morality, but determination. Between the accession of Hitler to power and the outbreak of the war, the Allies had intelligence on their side: the most learned and most philosophical nation on earth had abdicated in the hands of a cr [...]

The Dream That Was Lost

The Dream We Lost: Soviet Russia Then and Now. By Freda Utley. New York: The John Day Company. $2.75. Reason, Social Myths, and Democracy. By Sidney Hook. New York: The John Day Company. $3.00. Marxism: Is U Science! By Max Eastman. New York: W. W. N [...]

Reflections on the French Disaster

Et nunc, reges, intelligite, erudimini, qui judicatis terrain. We can no longer hope to "muddle through somehow": we must think our way through. And the first condition of honest thinking is to measure our personal equation. I am biased, b [...]

Four Ways of Criticism

Master Builders, A Typology of the Spirit. By Stefan Zwcig. New York: The Viking Press. $3.75. Forces in American Criticism, A Study in the History of American Literary Thought. By Bernard Smith. New York: Har-court, Brace and Company. $3.00. Shakes [...]

Can France Abdicate?

Can France, of her own accord, resign her precarious position and her crushing responsibilities as a Great Power? The experience of Sweden may enable us, if not to solve the problem, at least to focus it more definitely. For several generations, Swe [...]

France, Germany, America

For the last thirteen years, our foreign policy (for, willy-nilly, we have a foreign policy) has been guided by our distrust of France. Whatever may be the issue —League of Nations, security, disarmament, treaty revision, moratorium, reparations, d [...]