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Alessandra Lynch

Alessandra Lynch is the author of Sails the Wind Left Behind (Alice James Books, 2002). Her poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Antioch Review, and Ploughshares. She currently teaches creative writing and poetry at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.


The Mice of the Mother’s House

  The mice of the mother’s house had tiny faces and breathed behind the paint, skittering like ticket stubs between floorboards, light and anxious. A few had small subway-car bodies tunneling fast, pushing roughshod over the grouting, nosing [...]


  The brutal white horses with painted-on faces Are riding their circles, riding Dead air. The dead air is hanging, Is ridden with riders and glued-on red Saddles. Crumpled hoofs in the dead-on air. The wild glare of the brutal white horses [...]