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Amélie Rives Troubetzkoy


A Threefold Cord

When love is woven of heart and mind and soul, There is a threefold cord that will not break From any cause. Even should Death overtake One of the two so linked,—though the bell toll And dimming eyes strain at the fateful scroll— The cord of love [...]

Out of the Midst of Hatred

SCENE: a simple bourgeois room on the ground floor, neat and plainly furnished. A door, left. Two windows at back looking on the village street. It is a spring day and sunlit pear-trees in blossom are seen above the white wall opposite.From time to t [...]


Sonnets written during long illness I Locked in the prison of an empty mind And groping through the twilight of ennui, The inner eye filmed that it cannot see Beyond that smothering dusk, the body blind To outer loveliness; this is to find T [...]

Ave Atque Vale

Now that I know in what brief, measured space I must bid long farewell to loveliness Bred of the sun's bright wantoning, now no less Than in my ampler years I can outface That ghost of nothing which will take my place. Since beauty is immortal: [...]


Summer 1933 | Poetry

Whom the gods worship as the Light of lights And as immortal Time, I, mortal, breathe As my soul's element,—the mighty seethe Of Thought discarnate and the dryleaf flights Of my thought storming through my days and nights, Whirlwind and that it sha [...]