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Anthony Netboy


A Crusader for the Uncommon Man

Irving Babbitt: Selected Writings. Edited with an introduction by George A. Panichas. Nebraska. $19.50. Irving Babbitt, professor of French literature at Harvard, died in 1933, having taught and influenced thousands of students in a career of almo [...]

Lady of the Lake Country

Dorothy Wordsworth. By Robert Gittings and Jo Manton. Oxford. $17. 95. Robert Gittings and his wife Jo Manton, who have written a number of popular biographies of English writers, now add another fine work to their credits: the first biography of [...]

A Humanist for All Seasons

Irving Babbitt: An Intellectual Study. By Thomas R. Nevin. North Carolina.$20.00. It is extraordinary that 53 years after his death Irving Babbitt (1865—1933), professor of French at Harvard, where he taught for 40 years and became the head of a [...]

Voltaire’s English Years: (1726–1728)

Early in May 1726, the London newspapers announced the arrival of François Marie Arouet, the renowned French dramatist and poet who called himself Voltaire. About a week earlier he had been released from the Bastille after a two-week incarceration [...]