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August A. Imholtz Jr.

August A. Imholtz Jr. has worked in publishing for thirty years beginning with Congressional Information Service in 1973 and currently with Readex Digital. He has published more than 90 articles on Lewis Carroll, Latin and Greek authors, Germanic linguistics, and other subjects.


Lewis Carroll’s ‘Dreamchild?

In the Shadow of the Dreamchild: A New Understanding of Lewis Carroll. By Karoline Leach. Peter Owen/Dufour. $35.95. Some books, like David Friedrich Strauss' The Life of Jesus, forever change the direction of scholarly inquiry. Just as Strauss [...]

A Shropshire Latinist

A. E. Housman: The Scholar-Poet. By Richard Perceval Graves. Scribners. $15.95. When he returned to Cambridge in 1929, Ludwig Wittgenstein chose rooms in the Gothic tower that looks down on Whewell's Court, east of the older parts of Trinity Co [...]