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Chad Davidson

Chad Davidson is the author of Consolation Miracle (Southern Illinois, 2003) and co-editor of Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection (St. Martin’s, 2006). He teaches at the University of West Georgia near Atlanta.


Swell of You

You are about to read scads of poems, many dealing with stardom, a few with dead birds (not to mention the scoffers who off them), and one with a horrifying vision of the apocalypse. But before you begin, I want you to know, at this moment, w [...]

The Last Predicta TV

Winter 2005 | Poetry

Martians, for instance, in their metal Frisbee might appear from these immaculate chrome borders themselves spit-shined like Art Deco mirrors. Pyramus and Thisbe for the increasingly illiterate, packed in shotgun houses like shelves, 1959 and '60 ca [...]