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Charlotte Kohler


A Faithful Chronicle

Life of W. B. Yeats. By Joseph Hone. The Macmillan Company. $6.00. In the Andersen fairy tale illusion alone clothed the Emperor as he paced solemnly down the festive way, but it clothed him to the satisfaction of all except the little boy who ins [...]

The Green Room, Summer 1975

David Baily Harned is a professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia and an avid tennis player who is, however, willing to write whenever he cannot find a tennis match. Because he is also rather a poor tennis player, he is a more or l [...]

The Green Room, Spring 1975

THIS issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review marks the completion of fifty years of publication. In April 1925, under the founding editorship of James Southall Wilson, the VQR first appeared as "a national journal of discussion published in the Sout [...]

The Green-Room

"Here's a marvellous convenient place for our rehearsal." The intention of John H. Schaar in ". . . And the Pursuit of Happiness" is, he declares "modest: to make clear what a dazzling and motley thing the 'right to pursue happiness' [...]