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Charlotte Matthews

Charlotte Matthews is the author of two full-length collections of poetry: Still Enough to Be Dreaming (Iris, 2007) and Green Stars (Iris, 2006). She was recently a featured poet at NPR where her work received recognition. Matthews is a professor at Hollins University and at the BIS program at UVA.


The Greatest Show on Earth

Summer 2012 | Poetry

There they are beside the tracks. But let’s begin earlier, let’s have it be this morning. They’ve just crossed over the Susquehanna on a trestle bridge: the clack clack of wheels waking the tigress in her berth, the elephant braces himself, spl [...]

The Year of Not Believing

Summer 2012 | Poetry

My mother is six and does not know what I have just read in the paper. Kneeling in the backyard dirt, she makes a fort for her doll Clara. Her father’s away on business so much lately she’s taken to spending early evenings here, digging a world [...]

To the Men Who Mow the County Graveyards

Winter 2006 | Poetry

It won’t be long before the designs you form are echoed in the shivering leaves of an ash tree right there on the hillside and because it’s November those patterns will remain all winter long, a sort of engraved, emblazoned pattern. You are wa [...]

Stablehand’s Song

Summer 2005 | Poetry

Today, in the fields, the season’s last cutting: square bales. My German neighbor and his son stand for a moment in the stillness seeing the barn loft where they’re going to stack the hay in layers so exact, one across another, horizontal the [...]