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Chris Offutt

Chris Offutt is the author of seven books, including the short-story collection Kentucky Straight (Vintage, 1992), the novel The Good Brother (Simon & Schuster, 1997), and the memoir My Father, the Pornographer (Atria, 2016). He has written scripts for Weeds and True Blood, and teaches at the University of Mississippi. 


Illustration by Anna Schuleit Haber

Johnny Bill

Winter 2016 | Fiction

On the front porch he lit a cigarette, thinking he’d quit when the baby was born. His neighborhood of Newport appeared peaceful at night, the yards neatly aligned, illuminated by dim streetlights. A slight hum filled the air, its source indistinct, as if all the houses emanated the sussuration of comfortable life. 

Illustration by Lauren Simkin Berke

Mr. Cartoon

Winter 2014 | Fiction

We got one channel that came over the mountains from West Virginia, and bad weather just about ruined that. On stormy winter nights Papaw went outside to turn the antenna while my big brother, Wendell, stayed in front of the TV, watching for the picture to get better. I stood in the doorway and yelled back and forth between them.