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Claude G. Bowers


Architect of the All-American System

While every American rejoices over the solidarity of the Republics of North, South, and Central America in the face of the common enemy of mankind, few realize that this is a consummation that fits in with Thomas Jefferson's concept of the "Ame [...]

The Lincoln of Fact

Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1858. By Albert J. Beveridge, 2 vols. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin Company. $12.50. The writing of his biography of Lincoln was a revelation to Albert J. Beveridge, the author. He had been engaged for a year in intensive research [...]

Jefferson, Master Politician

I It is commonly agreed that Thomas Jefferson was the most consummate politician in American history. It is the boast of his followers; and his enemies concede it with a smirk, intended to convey the impression that the man who wrote the Declarati [...]

In Defense of Politicians

Recently I took up for a rereading that charming and illuminating work, "The Endless Adventure," the monumental masterpiece of the brilliant Scotch historian and philosopher, Frederick Oliver, dealing with the Walpolean period of English hi [...]