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Claudius Murchison


Nationalism and the South

When the guns of Charleston roared against Sumter on that spring morning of '61, the occasion represented the end of a long period of fierce thinking and the substitution therefor of a period of decisive action. And although the thought and the actio [...]

The Economist Answers

I What do you economists have to offer? This question has made many an economist cringe and squirm uncomfortably during the past three years. Be he a guest of the Rotary Club, a member of a Sunday afternoon tea party, or a chance stumbler upon a stre [...]

Captains of Southern Industry

What manner of men are these Southern captains of industry, that such conflicting opinions should rage about them? Epithets are flung at their heads, propaganda is sown at their feet. Reform organizations, zealous pulpiteers, pulsating journalists, i [...]

King Cotton Is Sick

The spotlight of publicity is playing glaringly upon the cotton mills of the South. Spectacular events have aroused emotions, and sympathy has naturally turned to the men and women whose sufferings have been seen in the raw. Human drama is always mor [...]

The Libel Against Capitalism

Having pulled the pillars from under the economic temple, like Samson, we catch the debris on our heads. Question: shall we demand a new type of structure which has no pillars, or shall we keep the old and repress our vandalistic impulses? Some th [...]