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David Cushman Coyle

An esteemed engineer and economist, Cushman designed the Washington State Capital and sold over a million pamphlets espousing persuasive economic theories. He is best known for his books “The United States Political System and How it Works,” “The United Nations and How It Works,” and “Uncommon Sense.”


The Beveridge Plan

In the English language the word Beveridge is already well on its way to losing its capital letter and becoming the common name for "freedom from want." The British people of all classes have rushed to buy copies of this paper-covered Gover [...]

Inefficient Efficiency

Akentucky mountaineer spat over the fence and remarked: "Ford ruined us." Ford, the shining flight of American efficiency, before whose name even the hairy Bolshevik has bowed in admiration. The words of an unlettered mountaineer will bear [...]

The South’s Unbalanced Budget

The South is losing money. The editor of a leading Southern newspaper makes a rough guess that the South is paying out a billion dollars a year beyond its yearly income. Where does it get the billion dollars? By selling its property to investors in o [...]

Recovery and Finance

The announced program of the Administration has never presented a complete picture of a road to recovery and beyond recovery into a stable prosperity. Under a democratic government during the early stages of a period of transition, no such complete p [...]

Facts About Food

Tomorrow's Food. By James Rorty and N. Philip Norman. Prentice-Hall, Inc. $3.50. One of the most obvious facts about England during the war was that the people had more endurance and vitality than one would expect. Bombing, overwork, monotony, sep [...]