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Diedrick Brackens

Diedrick Brackens is a poet and visual artist based in Los Angeles. His poems have appeared in Fourway Review, Boulevard, and the lickety~split. His visual work has appeared in the New York Times, Art in America, W magazine, and at institutions such as the New Museum in New York City, Hammer Museum at UCLA, and New Orleans Museum of Art.


inordinate beliefs

Winter 2022 | Poetry

the belief was eels were male catfish,
believe if you leave a fried one alone 
return to red-raw meat, or a trickle 
trail of blood and crumb, a resurrection

to wait and want

Winter 2022 | Poetry

chicken breast soaked in vanilla, 
aluminum foil and leather doused in WD-40,
one day on a pack of green apple bubble gum. 
lured a large swirl around a grapevine, lead to a plastic bag