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Edward J. Larson

Edward J. Larson received the Pulitzer Prize in History for his book Summer for the Gods (Basic Books, 1997) and was a finalist for the Pulitzer for his most recent book, Evolution’s Workshop (Basic Books, 2001). The Modern Library will publish his new book, Evolution, in May.


Wonderful Life: Debating Evolution in the Age of DNA

Spring 2004 | Essays

Francis Crick winged into the Eagle, a pub popular with researchers at Cambridge University's nearby Cavendish Laboratory, boasting to one and all, "We have found the secret of life." It was early in 1953, and the "we" referred to thirty-six-year-old British biophysicist Crick and twenty-four-year-old American biochemist James D. Watson, then working at the Cavendish on a postdoctoral fellowship