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Emily Stone Whiteley


Horace Walpole - Early American

Atall, thin gentleman entered the Princess Amelia's drawing room in Cavendish Square one evening in December, 1775. He was pale, with brilliant dark eyes under arched brows, and a mouth somewhat tightly closed but charmingly, curved, at once discreet [...]

The Small-Talk of a Great Affair

Affair When the Honorable Charles Bagot was appointed Minister to the United States the congratulations of his friends sounded something like condolences. "You were right to accept, and if you can succeed"—the ominous little "if&quo [...]

Mr. Canning’s Flirtation

Henry adams says that George Canning left "a sharp impression on the memory of America," yet the centenary of the death of this great statesman has passed in this country with very scant notice. There is a picture of Canning in the Natio [...]

Between the Acts at Ghent

In 1814 both the United States and Great Britain were thoroughly tired of the Trial by Combat, so, although war was still raging on land and sea, it was agreed that commissions from the two governments should get together and discuss terms of peace. [...]