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Fady Joudah

Fady Joudah’s first poetry collection, The Earth in the Attic, won the Yale Series for Younger Poets. He is also the translator of Mahmoud Darwish’s recent poetry collection, The Butterfly’s Burden (Copper Canyon Press, 2006).


I Love Autumn and the Shadow of Meaning

I love autumn and the shadow of meaning, and I like in autumn a light mystery of diaphanous handkerchiefs, like poetry in the burst after birth, dazzled by the incandescent night or the dimness of light. It crawls and doesn’t find the names for [...]

I Used to Love Winter

In the past I used to bow to winter respectfully, and listen to my body. Rain, rain, like a shameless love letter flowing from the lewd heaven. Winter. A calling. A hungry echo to embrace women. An air seen from afar atop a mare who carries the [...]

His Own Elegy

Winter 2009 | Memoir

I read “The Dice Player” in its entirety in an Arabic newspaper right after Darwish read the poem for the first time in Ramallah in June 2008—what would be his last public appearance in that city.