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Gamaliel Bradford


Madame De Maintenon

That a poor girl who had kept geese in the fields should come to marry the greatest king in the world sounds like a fairy tale, and the story of Madame de Maintenon has much of dream quality about it. Yet the heroine does not give the impression of a [...]

Biography by Mirror

From the time when men first began to think carefully about their own relation to the world, they have been tempted to write their autobiographies, the stories of their lives. In a large room of the Uffizi Gallery, in Florence, are gathered together [...]

Henry Clay

Of the three great American political figures of the second quarter of the nineteenth century Henry Clay seems to be the most distinctly and warmly human. Calhoun grew to be more and more a creature of logic His intellect crushed his passions, though [...]

Dolly Madison

There are centripetal and centrifugal spirits, spirits which naturally turn within, however they may be forced without, which live interior lives, sometimes tormented and perturbed, sometimes sunny, tranquil, and serene, and spirits which shrink from [...]