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J. G. de Roulhac Hamilton

Joseph Grégoire de Roulhac Hamilton (1878–1961) was a professor of history at the University of North Carolina from 1906 to his retirement in 1948. He authored numerous books including Reconstruction in North Carolina; Party Politics in North Carolina, 1835–1860; North Carolina Since 1860; and biographies of Robert E. Lee and Henry Ford.


The Liquidation of an Ideal

The Epic of America. By James Truslow Adams. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. $3.00. To write in one volume of moderate size an essay dealing with the whole period of American history, and to do it in such a way as to give the impression that it [...]

Lamar of Mississippi

It was April in Washington. In the House of Representatives the members, the diplomatic corps, a throng of spectators, gazed with considerable curiosity at a thickset, heavily built man who had just risen to address the chair. As he stood there quiet [...]

Interpreting the Old South

The Rise of the Whigs in Virginia, 1824-1S40. By Henry II. Sinnns. Richmond: The William Byrd Press, Inc., $2.25. Life and Labor in the Old South. By Ulrica Bonncll Phillips. Boston: Little Brown and Company. $4.00. The "Old South," lo [...]

These Things Doth the Lord Hate

IOn June 1, 1925, the Chief Justice of North Carolina in an address to the bar of Wake County, assembled in Raleigh, said:"The best friend you have is the law of North Carolina. It protects you before you are born, it surrounds and shields you as lon [...]

Mr. Jefferson Visits the Sesqui-Centennial

Philadelphia has been giving a party this summer, supposedly in honor of the event which made her famous. She does this at half-century intervals, and therefore the festival was due to be held, even if the more than thinly-veiled intimations of the & [...]

Those Southern Repudiated Bonds

"What would you do, if somebody by force kept you and your partners out of control of your business for several years, prevented the courts, by threats and intimidation, from giving you any redress, and not only permanently, injured your firm bu [...]

Jefferson’s Americanism

Thomas Jefferson: The Apostle of Americanism, By Gilbert Chinard. Boston: Little Brown and Company. $5.00. Aglance at Professor Chinard's latest and, perhaps, most important contribution to knowledge of America's most unique great man provoke [...]

A Study in Secession

Edmund Ruffin, Southerner. A Study in Secession. By Avery Craven. New York: D. Appleton and Company. $3.00. Whether or not history is the lengthened shadow of great men, it is undoubtedly true that the clearest view of a movement can often be [...]

Two Secessionists

Robert Barnwell Rhett: Father of Secession. By Laura A. White. New York: The Century Company. $5.00. Little Aleck. A Life of Alexander H. Stephens. By E. Ramsey Richardson. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company. $3.50. Students of American hist [...]

Education in the South

Universal Education in the South. By Charles William Dabney. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. Two Volumes. $7.50. The Southern States during their long history have been the scene of many movements of significance. None hav [...]