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Jahan Ramazani

Jahan Ramazani is the author of The Hybrid Muse (Chicago, 2001); Poetry of Mourning (Chicago, 1994), a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; and Yeats and the Poetry of Death (Yale, 1990). He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEH Fellowship, and the William Riley Parker Prize.


Writing Life: Remaking a Norton Anthology

Spring 2004 | Essays

What redeems literary anthologists, if we're able to claim neither the creativity of the poet nor the analytic rigor of the cultural theorist? Having dedicated myself for years to constructing elaborate critical arguments, how did I get involved in what one of my friends called "pretheoretical" judgments about poem-gathering, a suspiciously curatorial practice in our supposedly post-canonical era?

The Great War and the Modern Imagination

A War Imagined: The First World War and English Culture. By Samuel Hynes. Atheneum. $29.95. Our Age: English Intellectuals Between the World Wars—A Group Portrait. By Noel Annan. Random House. $30.00. In an era when diet culture has extended eve [...]