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Jamie Alliotts

After kicking heroin in 1999, Jamie Alliotts went on to study writing at Columbia, Oxford, Dartmouth, and Iowa. He’s won awards and fellowships for his playwriting and essays, which appear or are forthcoming in Cleaver magazine, Star 82 Review, Bayou, 40 Towns, and elsewhere. Alliotts is writing a series of stories about the horrors associated with twelve-step recovery, as well as a memoir about his experiences as a heroin addict in the US Navy and on the streets of Manhattan during the 1990s.


Photographs by Jamie Alliotts


December 28, 2015 | Articles

The fourth installment of #VQRTrueStory—our new social-media experiment in which stories and images cross platforms, from Instagram to the website to the magazine—features Jamie Alliotts's encounters on the sidewalks of Manhattan.