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Jennifer Haigh

Jennifer Haigh’s novel Mrs. Kimble (William Morrow, 2003) won the PEN/Hemingway Award for first fiction. Her second novel, Baker Towers, was published by Morrow in 2005. Her short stories have appeared in Good Housekeeping, Hartford Courant, Alaska Quarterly Review, Idaho Review, and elsewhere.


Favorite Son

Fall 2010 | Fiction

Buck season opened—still does—on the Monday after Thanksgiving. In Bakerton it is a holiday of sorts. School was closed for the day, and I reported to Keener’s at 4 a.m. to serve eggs and sausages and countless cups of coffee to men in orange vests and jackets. Every table was full despite heavy competition from annual pancake breakfasts at the AmVets, the Elks, and the Moose.

The Bottom of Things

Summer 2004 | Fiction

Ray and his second wife drove into Bakerton on a clear winter morning, in a Ford they'd rented at the Pittsburgh airport. They'd been off the highway for two hours, traveling a road that snaked through mountains, alongside streams and frozen fields. Their flight had left Houston at dawn. They'd come a thousand miles to attend a small party at the Bakerton fire hall, to celebrate his parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary.