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Jesse Lee Kercheval


Blue Plate

Autumn 2002 | Poetry

After the porno theater became a revival house, the neighborhood began to change. The Blue Plate, a designer diner, opened, all aluminum and curves. Inside, the menu featured revived comfort foods— meat loaf, mashed potatoes, a glass case full of [...]

Ham and the Moon

Sit down and I'll feed you. Ladle up a bowl of lentil soup, a little ocean full of sun and warmth. Add a salad made of peppers hot as fallen stars, avocados, olives, just a touch of lemon juice and garlic. I am not a world class cook but for you, my [...]

Night Dogs

You have given up sleep, the lesions in your brain turning you into a land of bat flying, flitting all night when we can barely walk. I am tired. Your wife is tired. Your son, the nurse, all your friends together can hardly find the strength to feed [...]