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John J. Corson


Ways of Preserving Democracy

The Defence of Democracy. By F. Elwyn Jones. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. $2.50. America and the Strife of Europe. By J, Fred Rippy. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. $2.00. The Prospects of American Democracy. By George S. Counts. Ne [...]

On Taking the Clock Apart

America's Capacity to Produce. By Edwin G. Nourse and Associates. $3.50. America's Capacity to Consume. By Maurice Levcn, Harold G. Moulton and Clark Warburton. $3.00. The Pormalion of Capital. By Harold G. Moulton. $2.50. Income and Economic Progre [...]

Coping During the 70s

Setting National Priorities: The 1980 Budget. Edited by Joseph A. Pechman. The Brookings Institution. $11.95. The federal budget is a large, forbidding, menacing, and, for most citizens, an unintelligible tome. Last year's edition ran to 1,188 [...]