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Julian P. Boyd


Between the Spur and the Bridle

Spring 1969 | Articles

My theme is one of revolution, inspired not merely by the vast changes that have so radically altered the condition of man within our lifetime or by the recent phenomenon of militant intellectuals engaged in revolt on all of the continents, but also by the goals to which you are dedicated. Scholars and scholarly publishers are by nature revolutionaries.

Jefferson’s Expression of the American Mind

Autumn 1974 | Essays

As we look back upon the first and greatest ordeal of dismemberment suffered by the British Empire, we can see clearly enough from our vantage point how very acute George the Third was when he observed to Lord North in 1774: "The dye is now cast, the Colonies must either submit or triumph." 

Rich Poor Richard

Benjamin Franklin. By Carl Van Doren. New York: The Viking Press. $375. Eight years ago Carl Van Doren gave us the story of Jonathan Swift, the genius who, moved by hate and scorn, did everything the wrong way. Now, in a volume three times as long [...]

The American, This New Man

The Growth of American Thought. By Merle Curti. Harper and Brothers. $5.00. Man: Real and Ideal. By Edwin Grant Conklin. Charles Scribner's Sons. $2.50. American Heroes and Hero-Worship. By Gerald W. Johnson, Harper and Brothers. $3.00. Mainstream. [...]