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Kathleen Norms



Vladimir Ussachevsky, 1911—1990 The night you died you rushed into the apartment where I was sorting your papers, weary as the girl who has until sunrise to spin straw into gold. In a disreputable black raincoat, well-traveled, you were your old-wo [...]

A.J.’s Passage

Poor baby, hold on; poor sleepy baby, passed into my arms. We are passing into hell; hold on. We renounce the forces of evil and you cry out. Poor, sleepy baby, wanting nothing more than the food your mother has become for you, wanting to go [...]

House Cleaning

The dreamer descends through the basement to see what  was valuable in her inheritance. Nor Hall, The Moon and the Virgin Kneeling in the dust, I recall the church in Enna, Sicily where Ceres and Proserpine reigned until a Pope kicked them out in th [...]