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Lili Loofbourow

Lili Loofbourow is the staff critic at The Week. She is working on several projects including a novel, a book of cultural criticism, and a book of essays.


Illustration by Ina Jang

The Male Glance

Spring 2018 | Essays

In the spring of 2013, HBO conducted a sly experiment on the “elite” TV-viewing public. It aired two new shows—both buddy dramas—back to back. Each was conceived as a short self-contained season, limited by design to a small number of episodes. Each had a single talented and idiosyncratic director for the entire season, and each dispensed with the writers’ room in favor of a unified authorial vision. 

Photographs by Lili Loofbourow

The Last Days of High Bridge Arms

Spring 2016 | Articles

1. The week before it closes for good, High Bridge Arms feels both cluttered and bare. The rifles and shotguns that once lined a wall like ribs are gone, sold. So are the T-shirts (“SAN FRANCISCO’S LAST GUN SHOP”), which sold out within days [...]

Illustration by Andy Omel

Bull Shipping

Summer 2015 | Essays

We all owe our lives to someone’s vision and someone else’s blind spot, but it’s seldom quite so literal: I owe my existence to that tumor and the sight lines that developed around it.