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Lizette Woodworth Reese


Indian Summer

INDIAN SUMMER Acup too full may give you less Of cordial or of loveliness— If sustenance you need to get— Than will this one before you set. With its few scarlets by a fence, Together scraped as were they pence, A field may candle you, and there [...]

Virginia and England

Summer Goes On. By Lawrence Lee. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $1.75. Changing Horizons. By Geoffrey Johnson. London: The C. W. Daniel Company. 5 s. In "Summer Goes On," by Lawrence Lee, there are two poems, "For a Poet Growing [...]

Wild Asters

The flattened purples that you find In an old missal book, Premeditated as were those, You find here, if you look. Clumped in the gapings of a fence Their autumnal faces show— Unhonied as the wall beside— And watch the thin days go. Rebelli [...]

The Widower

THE WIDOWER Half saint this dead girl was; yet her tight will Rocked his dull house down to its doors. To think How near at times she came to the dark brink Of being a devil, makes him wonder still. She was as cool as brambles after rain, Clear of th [...]

White Birches in Autumn

WHITE trees, golden trees, Crooking to the sea, Already have you taken my heart, Take the rest of me. Oh, naught that I say, Oh, nothing that I do, Can keep you from my sight, Can rid my mind of you! Thin down to a single bough, A single bough, no mo [...]

A Flower of Mullein

I am too near, too clear a thing for you, A flower of mullein in a crack of wall, The villagers half-see, or not at all, Part of the weather, like the wind or dew. You love to pluck the different, and find Stuff for your joy in cloudy loveliness; Yo [...]

Three Poems

Impermanence I cannot keep a grief so long, That it will seed and blossom high; Harbor a joy until its sails Grow to the mild curve of the sky. Death stalks each to its seeming close, Claps a cold hand upon its lips; Thus goes the round blue of [...]

Two Countries

Two countries yours, but one you half forget, For this is furlongs off, yet strangely near; A sudden click of its gate sounds in your ear; A moment on its acres are you set. Some common task to do, ten times, a score— Like shaking fruit off an [...]